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Old 05-24-2009, 02:19 PM
JonIrenicus JonIrenicus is offline
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Default Would the middle east be better off if we were not involved?

Or would we be better off?

I know alot of people think I am some nut job who just wants to attack things, but honestly, I am not "happy" about being involved in the middle east.

Just as some think people who condoned the torture of three individuals get some perverse pleasure out of it are guilty of a caricature of the motives of others, so too are they guilty in this case if they think all of us who toe a harder line "enjoy" the involvement in the middle east as some type of exceptional imperial oil grabbing orgy.

If you answer is a no to the above questions, why?

Yes, the same?

For myself, my initial concern was over the second question, are we better off. I did not really care if people in cesspool nations with cesspool beliefs turned out cesspool societies.

My basic reaction, and not at all a noble one, was if you all want to live like that, so be it, not my or our problem. Akin to seeing a drug addict destroying his own life, or a benign tumor, destroying its own native surroundings with cancerous cells, but leaving the neighbors intact.

And then 911 happened and it switched my orientation, my internal calculus, as now it seemed (though it was out there before) that the cesspool, the tumor, was not content to stay in its own zone, but spread out, change from benign to malignant.

And at that point I saw it as in our interest to fight back against it, where effective, and use less blunt tactics where more beneficial.

My answer was yes, we were better off.

Of course some will make the case that we were the instigators in the first place, ok, but I think this response by Hitchens sums up my view perfectly, and it is said so well.


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