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Old 10-08-2008, 12:02 AM
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Default Ann Althouse Fisks Self

ROFL, this is hilarious.

Excitable conspiracy theorist Ann Althouse thought she caught Obama cheating at tonight's debate. From her live-blogging:

9:55: I was scrolling through my HDTV recording, looking to photograph the "invisible grapefruit," and I noticed that Obama was wearing an earpiece. I photographed the freeze-frame and have set up a new post to display it.
And without a moment of careful reflection, this post went up:

Her commenters didn't see the secret earpiece, but Ann insisted:

10:01 PM
Ann Althouse said...
Click the enlargement. It's clearly there, a crescent of clear plastic.

10:02 PM
Ann Althouse said...
I inspected it close up on screen, and I have it saved. I could do a better close up.
After the commenters continued to express dismay, Ann finally decided to check another frame of the video.


Ann Althouse said...
I've scrolled around, and I don't see it in other frames, so I'm going to say it's not there.
10:08 PM
How generous of her.

Back at the live-blog, Ann is all

10:09: I reconsider the perception of an earpiece. I don't see it in other frames. I'm sure a real secret earpiece would be way less visible, inside the ear canal
Yes, of course, Ann, a real secret earpiece would be ...

Hey, wait. Ann just fisked herself. Why is she now lecturing about the nature of true earpieces??

Finally, in her comments...

Ann Althouse said...
I got a little excited myself.

I apologize for the false alarm. It was plain as day in that one still, then gone in others.

10:21 PM
Ann was tasting glory, only to have it turn to ashes in her mouth.

For the last four years, wingnuts have been grasping for another Rathergate moment, but all they ever manage is to shoot themselves in the foot.

Sorry, Ann!

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