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General comments on Bloggingheads.tv Post comments about our website here.

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Old 09-03-2009, 09:58 AM
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Default Comments policy - DRAFT - feedback requested

Here's a draft of a comments policy we're considering. We look forward to your feedback.


We welcome all political viewpoints in the Bloggingheads forum, and encourage lively debate, but we do ask that you treat other commenters with common decency. We don’t like to censor* posts or ban people from the forum, but we do so when necessary to keep the environment from getting too ugly.

We particularly aim to keep the "Diavlog comments" subforum civil and on-topic, so we enforce a higher standard there than in the other two subforums.**

Here are our baseline rules for the "Diavlog comments" subforum:

#1 No name-calling aimed at fellow commenters or diavloggers.

#2 No gratuitously rude comments aimed at diavloggers.

#3 Use four-letter words sparingly, if at all.

#4 Use the vBulletin quote function only for real quotations.

Notes on the rules:

re: #1 Like most superficially simple rules, this one is easier to state than to enforce fairly—one man’s verbal abuse is another man’s fair and accurate characterization. Here are some examples of what we’d label name-calling: moron, idiot, asshat, wingnut, moonbat, troll—and, absent very good evidence: racist. (To be clear: We don't proscribe the use of such words, only their use as epithets against other commenters, either directly or by implication.)

re: #2 In particular, avoid derogatory or demeaning remarks about physical appearance and speaking style. Don’t forget that many diavloggers read the comments section.

re: #3 Fair warning: A post containing profanity that appears early in the comments (“above the fold” on the videopage) may be hidden from the videopage,* even if the post is loaded with insightful substance.

re: #4 We realize that sometimes commenters like to fabricate quotes for humorous or rhetorical purposes, but we think this compromises the integrity of the quote format. Readers should be able to trust that if something looks like a quote, it really is a quote.

* * * * *

*Note that we have two levels of post-removal: (a) “hiding” a post, which removes it only from the videopage (it can still be viewed in the forum), and (b) “deleting” a post, which removes it from both the videopage and the forum thread.

**The "Diavlog comments" subforum is the one that feeds comments from the vBulletin forum onto the videopage (directly below the diavlog). This subforum has exactly one thread per diavlog, and no other threads. The other two, less structured subforums are "General comments about Bloggingheads.tv" and "Life, the Universe and Everything."

Last edited by Brenda; 09-03-2009 at 01:06 PM.. Reason: Added "gratuitously" to rule #2.
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