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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 09-08-2008, 09:05 PM
Xelgaex Xelgaex is offline
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Default Re: Opinion presented as fact

Originally Posted by kidneystones View Post
Xelgaex wrote...

I elected to cite Martin because he does not dispute the fact that Gov. Palin's teleprompter scrolled faster than Gov. Palin was reading.

To quote Martin: "Perhaps there were moments where it (Gov. Palin's teleprompter) scrolled slightly past her exact point in the speech"

Martin then immediately concedes that he was not watching the teleprompter for large periods of the speech. "I frequently looked up at the machine." Martin admits he was occupied in other activities but asks us to assume, as he does, that Palin was not forced to work without a teleprompter.

Martin therefore asks us first to accept his judgment, then his opinion, and then finally his extrapolations, extrapolations he admits are based on an unreliable data set, as myth-refuting fact.

As for 'No major malfunction', a claim supported by the convention organizer? That's not the point. It seems to me that if any speaker is forced to work around a teleprompter that is not displaying the text that needs to be read, then she or he deserves credit. Martin wants to deny Palin that, as do you.

I'll watch the diavlog once more and see if there's any merit to your other complaint.
I think you and I interpret words differently. I'll admit that I might be interpreting things wrongly, but I don't see in the same thing is Martin's words that you do.

Martin's "Perhaps" sentence, which you took to be not disputing a fact, I took to be a hypothetical situation where something could have happened when he wasn't watching, but he didn't think did. That his next sentence starts with "But" to me implies negation of the previous hypothetical.

Similarly "frequently" looking at the teleprompter, which you took to mean he didn't watch it for "large periods of the speech," I took to mean that there were not long stretches of time in which he did not occasionally look at the machine.

On denying credit, Martin might want to do that. I don't know. As for myself however, my post was motivated only by my perception that you linked to an article which undercut the argument you made. If you were to ask my opinion on the matter, I'd say it probably is more difficult to give a speech with teleprompter troubles than otherwise. I'd imagine it would necessitate looking at a hard copy of the speech on the podium more often, thus possibly ruining the illusion that a teleprompter gives.

Hopefully I included enough qualifiers to show that what I post is my opinion.
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