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Old 12-30-2007, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: An Complete Waste of Steve Kaus's Appearance

Originally Posted by DenvilleSteve View Post
There was no way the sanctions against Iraq could have continued much longer back in 2002.
Really? Why is that?
I dont see the evidence for that. Sure seems like there have been fewer terror attacks against western targets in the last few years than prior.
Feeling good about Al Qaeda's weakness in Pakistan, are you?
I still dont know what that means. "... We ( meaning the red state american military ) ought to concentrate anti terror efforts on Pakistan. ..." Targeted assassination? Capture and torture? or just endless meddling and pontificating by US Senators?
How about using our powerful military to concentrate on Al Qaeda where it is strongest - in and around Pakistan?

why contain the country when you said they never had a nuke program?
... because it could have obtained one. But, it didn't have one in 2002 because containment and sanctions were working.

The problem with containment is it could not be sustained politically for much longer than 2002. How do you get the UN to go along with continued containment when Iran is not subject to containment?
You are comparing the UN stance in 2002 with it's stance today. In 2002, the UN was all for continuing sanctions against Iraq - even stronger ones. Iraq, as we found out after we invaded, had been crippled by the sanctions.

The reason the UN won't go along with sanctions against Iran now is because of the most recent NIE report. The good thing about that report is that the US isn't about to attack Iran any longer. The unfortunate thing about the NIE report is that we need to keep a close eye on Iran and sanctions against Iran will be needed if they aren't already - and both of these things are now harder to do.
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