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Old 12-30-2007, 04:55 PM
jmcnulty jmcnulty is offline
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Default Response to David_PA:

Did you really say the following about the U. S. military: "It could have been used judiciously in Pakistan with much greater anti-terror effects."

Is this similar to the Obama "invade Pakistan" statement? So if I understand this right, we are supposed to leave Iraq -- where we are winning -- to invade Pakistan, a country that has atomic bombs and the missiles to deliver them, in order to enjoy "much greater anti-terror effects."

And what is the government of Pakistan supposed to be doing while we are invading the hinterlands, or are you proposing that we garrison Islamabad too?

You don't think that the Arab or Muslim world would see this as even more imperialistic action by American than the attack on Iraq, a country that we thought was poised to develop nuclear weapons and with whom we had been exchanging shots for years? Isn't Pakistan even a larger and more populous country than Iraq? Maybe we should ask the Indians to help us invade; I am sure that they would be willing.

If you think Iraq was a mad war of "choice," then what would you say about a war on Pakistan, a country that claims to be our friend? What would the Pakistani's think of Musharraf then? Would be still be a candidate?

Obama's comment made Hillary look like Pericles. It is best to ignore it and chalk it up to inexperience, with the assumption that he is a smart guy and would not actually do it if in office. Huckabee said something about Pakistan that was a foolish, but I am not sure that he is a smart guy -- he is a nice guy though. Still, I would not want him in the Oval Office calling the shots if he thinks Afghanistan is to the east of Pakistan. Bad advice? Hell, doesn't he have a map?

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