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Old 12-30-2007, 03:17 PM
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Default Re: What's Wrong with Ann?

Originally Posted by jmcnulty View Post
I do not understand why so much vituperation is directed at Ann Althouse. I think there is some astonishment and bitterness that a youngish blonde (and a LAW professor to boot, training OUR young!) is NOT a doctrinaire liberal. I will not claim her as a conservative, because she is not doctrinaire about anything. I would probably classify her as a sensible or realistic libertarian (as opposed to the loony Dr. Paul, who apparently thinks America should be a Switzerland with nukes). How would you compare her to Mr. Scher, who just repeats whatever he has read on Lefty blogs? Her insights are good -- for example the phallic signifigance of the carrots in the Clinton "Sopranos" commercial was obvious, if denied by Lefty bloggers -- and she is very good at decoding messages that are being sent to us by the candidates, which are not restricted to health care plans, and the culture. The Clintons are experts at sending such messages "under the radar." You seem to denigrate her because she does not parade her erudition. She tries to seem norrnal and down to earth, qualities that are not valued here in at Bloggingheads.tv. I think she is very self-confident. She does not need to PROVE how smart she is. Where she is speaks for itself. I wish that I had known a professor like her at law school. Try to be more polite about her in your comments. I enjoy her blog very much.
But seriously....

You make some semi-decent points. Ann isn't the embodiment of evil, or anything. She's dishonest, and she's mean. But I read her blog regularly and she occasionally posts something interesting and worthwhile. She's a great photographer, and can seem like a nice person when she's not lying or attacking other people.

Of course you are correct that much of the opposition to her is fueled by her support for Bush and her mostly silent endorsement of his radical legal agenda.
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