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Old 12-30-2007, 01:47 PM
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Default Re: A good one

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
But since you asked, here's a short summary of my complaints.

Basically, I think she's vacuous -- she's has never come close to making me think. She's supposed to be a law professor, but has yet to say anything that I've heard to make me believe it. (Note, for example, her self-promotion of her latest submission to Legal Times. Somewhere, Harriet Miers is weeping.)

Okay, she doesn't want to talk about her day job. Fine. As I see it, the rest of her schtick consists of saying she's interested in feminism and pop culture, while failing to offer any in-depth awareness of either of these subjects. She's a feminist the way some of my relatives are Irish -- they only bring the Erin Go Bragh when they want an excuse to take offense. And as for pop culture: as I said above, her awareness of the world seems to stem solely from glancing at the NY Times. I'd add another source: an obvious obsession about feeling frumpy around her students, which manifests as shrill and incessant complaints about about pop culture, invariably beginning with "I just don't understand ..."

And then there's her on-camera personality. She's loud. She interrupts too often. She's long-winded, and worse, meandering. Her sense of humor begins and ends with the sort of double entendres that most of us found tiresome by the end of junior high. She smirks. She talks about blogging way too much, as though she's the only one in the world who does this. She has a giant ego, a vicious streak, and a very thin skin -- she's eager to say catty things about people she doesn't like or agree with, but has a tantrum whenever it comes back at her.
That was an absolutely first-rate description of Ann. Nicely done.
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