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Old 12-30-2007, 12:49 PM
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Default Re: A good one

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post

Not to worry. I did say it was obscure. For some reason, that movie really rang the cherries with me.
It was a great movie. One of my friends who's normally too much of a stiff, was effusive about it and saw it 4 times.

I agree, they're not among my favorite BH.tvers, either. And I also agree that they're not geniuses, although I'd say they're fairly well-read in their field and always come prepared. Their blogosphere wrap-up thing is getting a little old, especially now that Conn isn't in the blog aggregation business anymore. But they're not brutally painful -- I'm always up for a little political gossip that I might have missed during my own trawling. They don't make me hostile. Sleepy, maybe, at worst.
I agree. You understand that I was compelled to find an example to try to at least poke a little hole in your prevalent reason for not liking Ann - 'that she's not substantive enough'.

Steve was quite good in his debut with Bob, and I had hoped they'd bring him back a lot sooner than they did. Everyone wants to see him paired with Mickey, which Mickey flat-out vetoed for a while, although he did show a hint of relenting recently. I'd like to see him paired with pretty much any conservative (he and Bob share too many political opinions; the debut was fun because it was mostly gossip about Mickey).

Any conservative other than Ann, that is. As I noted in my opening salvo in this thread, I had been skipping her appearances for months and only watched because Steve was on. By now, my answer should be obvious, but for the record, on your trade offer: I'd regretfully miss Steve for the benefit of missing Ann.

Come to that, it's hard to think of what would get me ever to watch her again. Which I'm sure will come as a relief to a big chunk of the rest of the forum readers.
Ha. In the interest of playing my politics right as a relative newbie at BHtv, I'm not going to offer Ann any more support, and will leave that to someone who's seen her more ... if such a person exists and is brave enough to say so in a post ;-).

Getting Stephen to be more of regular is something that would be great. At this point, I don't care that much about the pairing except for wanting someone to draw him out a little more.
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