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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 12-30-2007, 12:26 PM
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Default Re: A good one

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
Wow, Dave. A little sexist? Have you actually seen any of the folks who have expressed reservations about Althouse generally beating up on the female diavloggers here? In what way is Althouse, whose welcome among commenters here was damaged by her obviously disingenuous attack on another female diavlogger and her obvious pleasure in the reaction ("I've gone viral!" - Ann Althouse), representative of women generally? She's a self-promoting bully and last I checked, that was a gender-neutral observation.

There is a core of conservative commenters here who are constantly bitching about the lack of respect they get from the commentariat here. It's dishing this sort of random, fact free horse manure that damages their reputations, not the point on the political spectrum they occupy.
Ok, so I was wrong about that. The negative reaction to AA didn't have anything to do with sexism. Having not seen any Althouse diavlogs before, I didn't understand the reason for the negative reactions and thought that the sexism claim put forth by rcocean might have been correct. Notice that I said "inclined" to agree in my original post. I should have said, "Is there any merit to the claim made by "rcocean" that the negative comments about Althouse have a sexism component?"

It's a lot more clear now what the problems are with AA, though I'd need to go back and review the 4 diavlogs that 'Incompetence Dodger' recommends to get a really clear picture. I'll try to find the time to at least review parts of these because I don't have any idea what AA's views are. However, with what's been said, it's going to be really hard to get up enough interest to review them. Will probably just accept the prevalent view here of AA and leave it at that.
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