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Old 12-30-2011, 09:18 PM
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Default Re: Great DV John & Glenn!

Originally Posted by rcocean View Post
I hope you continue to appear on BHTV no matter what. You are BHTV's most interesting "heads".

And I have to state I agree with Glenn and Ron Paul. We need "grown-up" answers to questions like:
I'll take a crack at it.

- Why do have bases all around the world?
The answers to this are context specific, meaning not just region, but time. Surely you would agree that military bases in Germany, for example, were pretty important in 1980. Surely we can find common ground on anti-Communism. As to why such a base would be necessary now? It is less necessary. Certainly the number of German bases aren't necessary. But as a transit point between more useful bases, such as Al Udeid in Qatar or (Ideally) Iraq, places like Ramstein air base are useful as supply and medical hubs.

The base in Qatar is quite obvious. The Middle East is an important strategic and economic region to the United States. Safeguarding the flow and supply of oil isn't just a matter of money for corporations, its a matter of life and death. It greases the wheels of global commerce which has short circuited the historical cycle of violence. It keeps food prices down, both here and abroad.

South Korea? Anti-Communism, again. The presence of those troops saved the liberty of South Korea. If they hadn't been there all this time, the Maoist regime in China would have easily allowed the Norks to gobble them up. Now? While China is unlikely to allow such an action, and it is implausible that the Norks could win even if they did, the 30,000 American troops are an ante into the politics of the region. The reason why this is important is that East Asia is a major source of both American commerce and capital. To remove those troops, and our fleet, is to cede the politics of the region to the Chinese.

These are the practical matters surrounding the deployment of forces. The moral component is that the heights of global power we're discussing were taken with the sacrifice of American citizens. The blood itself was the price paid for position. To sacrifice position when there is still benefit is to cheapen the currency the position was bought with.

- Why are we the world's policeman?
Because we're the ones most invested in the current global order.

- Why are we so fanatically pro-Israel (right or wrong)?
Because Israel's enemies worked very hard to antagonize us for a very long time. Also, the Israelis engaged in some of our less savory, but very necessary, proxy actions during the Cold War.

- Why are we thinking about going to war with Iran?
Because it is unacceptable for the Iranians have a nuclear weapon while they demonstrate a lack of grounded realism by attempting to assassinate people within the United States, and threatening to close an international waterway.

How are those answers?
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