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Old 07-26-2010, 03:10 AM
Rathertired Rathertired is offline
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Default Re: It's Hot (Tim Fernholz & Conn Carroll)

Um, no.

Actually elite colleges strive for, among other things, "geographic diversity."

This means the white Protestant from West Virginia or North Dakota will get in before the Asian or Jew from New York or California with similar grades and test scores. This is a fact.

The proclaimed desire to have a "well rounded student body" is another way these schools have of keeping the number of students with last names like Kim or Cohen down to acceptable numbers.

In the first two-thirds of the 20th century America's elite colleges would've been majority Jewish if they hadn't played games (including, but not limited to, literal quotas) to make acceptance considerably easier for prepschool-educated upper-class WASPs (and their poorer white Christian brethren from all across America) than the working-class Jews out of public schools they couldn't compete with.

In the 1980s the squeeze was put on high achieving Asians, a large percentage of whom came from poor immigrant backgrounds.

That James Webb seems to imply that Asians ("recent immigrants") have somehow benefited from "programs" that were denied to white Protestants is simply pathetic. It's also delusional. That BornAgainDemocrat approvingly links to the article is sad, if perhaps typical.

Two thoughts:

1) Korean-Americans remain underrepresented in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and Major Leauge Baseball. Yet, oddly enough, they don't whine about what must be clear cut discrimination.

Perhaps a topic for future commentary from Senator Webb, Ross Douthatt, Pat Buchanan and the gang?

2) Senator James Webb, BornAgainDemocrat, Pat, Ross and the rest might want to give some thought to the Senate and how states with under a million people (invariably rural and predominately white Protestant with considerable working-class populations) are given the same number of Senators as states like California, New York and New Jersey, which have more than ten times as many residents (though, of course, a much smaller percentage of rural working-class white Protestants.) California has over 36 million people; North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska and Montana all have well under a million.

What ultimately happened with health-care, financial regulation and the non-starter that was an energy program this year were all in large part the result of the grossly disproportionate representation rural white Christians enjoy in the Senate.

The Electoral College, of course, is also skewed with every state getting two electors to begin with, no matter how small the state. Had that not been the case, we would've been spared the debacle that was the Bush presidency as Al Gore would've won an electoral majority to go with the majority of actual votes he received.

Thus our legislative branch of government, our presidential elections and admissions at elite colleges ("geographic diversity", "a well rounded student body") all, in fact, favor rural white Protestants.

It's a bit more complicated with college, of course -- what, with the Kaplan Review scam and the exorbitant cost of tuition making college obscenely expensive -- but the fact remains that a lower-middle-class white kid from a remote small town will be given the edge over yet another poor immigrant Chinese kid from Queens, NY with perfect math scores and parents who barely speak English.

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