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Old 10-18-2010, 05:36 PM
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Default Back From the Ministry of Love II

Brenda... why don't you explain to the community why you just deleted my thread on me coming back from being banned by you?

Will you also explain to the community why you banned me and quote your exact words to me, i.e. re-publish the private messages you sent to me and the ones I sent to you? I think the community should be privy to our discussion and hear from you about why you chose to ban me.

Again, to the community, this is bh.tv's administration's reason why I was banned. This isn't a private message so I can post it.

You have been banned for the following reason: You made an offensive post, then, via PMs, suggested to admin that you're unwilling or unable to operate under our standards in our forum
Apparently, if you articulate that what you wrote is not offensive, when Brenda says what you wrote is offensive... that's a banning offense at bh.tv. You apparently also can't point out to Brenda that what you wrote was not "pornographic" especially when you never posted a picture. Writing pussy apparently qualifies as "pornographic" here at bh.tv. Shits and assholes are okay... but never pussy. Apparently when you write pussy its as if you're drawing a picture for people... especially if you ever couple pussy with any adjectives (giggle). Pussy wasn't even used by me as a pejorative. Yet, I got banned.

Yet, I got banned even after complying with Brenda's request not to use that word pussy again. I changed my post. Let me write that again... I changed my post. Yet, apparently somehow, some way I suggested to Brenda that I was unwilling to comply with her ruling.

How is that Brenda? How did I suggest to you that I was unwilling to comply with your ruling. Did you not read my second response in the thread Brenda? Brenda, publish our private messages (oooh... that sounds dirty) and let the community know why I was banned.

You're not afraid of a little transparency are you?

Last edited by Lyle; 10-18-2010 at 06:58 PM..
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