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Old 08-04-2010, 05:26 AM
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Default Re: The Dangle of the Angle (also continued!)

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
Before hurling accusations (not only about the authenticity of the clip, but by implication, about the credibility/gullibility of me and your Wonkette), it probably would have been worth doing a quick Google, don't you think? Then you would have seen NRO raising an eyebrow, not to mention this WaPo post, which also links to a Fox Nation post (trying feebly to spin it as "Sharron Angle too honest in latest interview.").

No official transcripts, but some partial ones. And you'd have seen no one complaining who you'd expect to be complaining if the clip seemed mucked with. And then there is context -- it's not as though she has a recent history at odds with such statements.

Knee-jerk skepticism is still knee-jerk, is my point.


[Added] I probably wouldn't have made a big deal out of this, in light of your added note, but I have to say, that initial outburst ... going right to a Shirley Sherrod comparison? Really? Really?

We got enough problems in this country with the RWNM dreaming up false equivalences. No need for people like you to aggravate the situation.
Thanks for the clarifying links. My comment was based on a first impression of what I saw. The choppy and awkward video editing raised a flag for me because it visually reminded me of "chop jobs" I've seen elsewhere. I wasn't intending to cast aspersions on your credibility. It's just that it's important to me to question what seems questionable to me, whether or not I agree with the point of view being put forth. You are correct that I could have done a little research into the matter before I posted my comment. Fortunately, lazy people like me can count on indefatigable researchers like you to come up with the kind of supporting links that you provided.
"Nothing is always absolutely so." -- Theodore Sturgeon

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