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Old 05-19-2008, 06:10 PM
BrendanM BrendanM is offline
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Default Thank you, I am not a troll ...

I have a doctorate, but not that kind. But here I am just a poster on a comments blog. If I were a psychiatrist and if I had evidence for a prima-facie diagnosis, I'd put it in a letter to the Washington Post. What I see is a fellow who has recently shifted positions and do things over the last year that strike me as very different than his previous record. I am not talking about mere slips like al-Qaeda being shiite. He once proclaimed himself a crusader against the special interests and lobbyists -- Luke Skywalker fighting his way out of the DeathStar. Now he's surrounded himself with campaign advisors who are special interest lobbyists. He once was highly critical of the Christian right. Now he embraces some of the very people he's slammed. He follows the leader in slamming Obama as reckless and an appeaser for willingness to talk with Iran, forgetting that he himself had indicated Hamas would have to be talked with, and forgetting that other administration officials now talk to Hizzbolah and advocate talks with Iran. He used very strong attack language against Obama this AM regarding the Soviet-Iranian threat comparison. What world is he living in? What I see is a guy who maximally escalates rhetoric in a fight rather than attempt any sort of nuanced argumentation. All these can be interpreted as mere political ploys, but they are such crappy ploys I don't find that believable. I think he actually believes his own BS, forgets, temporarily, what his previous line of reasoning was, and gets angry quickly when called on it. I had an experience in my own family -- a family member became an opiner of religious platitudes, more narrow-minded, critical and forgetful of (and annoyed by the recall of) her former more latitudinarian views not in harmony with her current views. It's eerily similar. It looks like mental decline to me.
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