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Old 12-17-2007, 02:30 PM
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Default Re: Goodbye to All That Green

Originally Posted by Bloggin' Noggin View Post
But I really don't think it's the media portrayal of him -- it's how he comes across when he speaks. I don't give a damn about the price of his haircuts -- seems to me he should spend a lot on looking good, even for the sake of the campaign. He just personally comes across as kind of smarmy and fake to me, quite apart from anything the media say about him.
I don't see one's sense of trust in a candidate as quite so irrelevant as your prom king remark suggests. Policy positions are certainly relevant, but they aren't everything and the differences don't seem huge on the Dem side -- how far you feel you can trust the candidate seems relevant to whether you vote for him.
You could be right that such judgments are pretty unreliable, but without further evidence that my sense is wrong in this case, I guess it's not unreasonable to go with that sense -- which, again, is pretty directly based on how he comes across when he speaks, not on media spin about haircuts or whatever.
I don't trust my sense of trust with politicians. I think it is created for us by media narratives even if we are aware of them and attempt to censor them out. But I can't deny that that sense is very important to winning an election. I trust Edwards the most as he seems the most sincere to me, so maybe I'm actually trusting that sense and creating an elaborate argument against trusting one's sense of trust in order to convince you to abandon your own sense of trust and go with mine. Got that? If you do, you probably don't trust me now.
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