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Old 12-29-2010, 08:46 PM
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Default Re: START and Stop

Originally Posted by piscivorous View Post
Yes I'm sure the whale hunting Putin is impressed with the symbology! I'm sure that Kim Yong-il, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were similarly in awe of the significant "...signal that they are taking steps toward disarmament, and that world leaders are serious about eventual nuclear abolition..." even as yourself acknowledge that it is significantly insignificant; "...true that it's a mere drop in the nuclear bucket (a far bigger price is the Comp Nuclear Test Ban Treaty); it's true that you could make a list of more pressing issues by just glancing at the NPT regime...".
When you consider the effort that has to go into confirming treaties like START and passing bills, yes, I agree that the outcome is paltry compared to the hopes entertained by their proponents. This is a war of inches, like a football game in the mud. Iran and North Korea (and Kim Jong-il) exist in the gaps between regional antagonisms and between the gaps in rhetoric and reality. Iran will flog Israel for its nukes, and North Korea will demand parity with the region and the US because the US with its bombing campaigns did worse than nuke it during the Korean War. (Again, I disagree with those who think North Korea is just a Chinese stooge: there's also a Korean civil war component to the problem.) The anti-nukes crowd will always be running the ball while the "rogues" have the better passing game.
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