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Old 12-14-2011, 12:18 AM
sapeye sapeye is offline
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Default Re: Cylons and Voltron and Zombies! Oh My! (Adam Serwer & Katherine Mangu-Ward)


I'm weary of the endless back and forth of global warming advocates and deniers not grounded in solid evidence.

Please set up a debate with one of the most reputable climate scientists on one side and one of the most prominent deniers on the other.

Choose an independently-minded moderator who is tough as nails and will insist that both sides of the debate address the actual issues the other side is posing or challenging. No wiggle room at all...

If one side says X and the other says, Y (or not X) then they have to show specific scientific grounds for their claims. Each side has the opportunity to rebut the other. They continue to go back and forth on each of the various relevant issues: evidence for change; evidence for skepticism; evidence for economic damage caused by curtailing carbon emissions; evidence to counter those claims; evidence about the degree of coming change; evidence that such claims are overblown and can be dealt with though technology; etc.

The moderator keeps their feet to the fire until the issue is resolved. No mealy mouthing. Each time someone (from either side) tries to slide away from empirical evidence into supposition, ideology or politics, they are dragged back to the actual empirical situation.

The reliability of climate and economic models and their predictions are fair game for challenge, as long as there is scientific reason, rather than ideology or politics, to challenge them.

Before they begin, they must all agree:
1. to stick with rational argument and empirical evidence.
2. to stay with the process until, on each issue,
a) one side acknowledges that the other side is correct, or
b) they both agree that there is still uncertainty about that particular issue, or
c) the moderator steps in to tell one side or the other that they have avoided the issue and so
forfeited, thus acknowledging that the other side is correct on that issue.

As well as a moderator, there should be a bookkeeper to keep track of the outcome of the exchange on each issue. The results should be posted in the public sphere. Then we will have some sensible grounds for discussion.

Thank you.
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