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Old 10-07-2011, 11:53 PM
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Default Re: Economizing (Suzy Khimm & Megan McArdle)

I'm closer to the Tea Party than OWS, but when Megan started saying it's more of a mass movement relative to the 1000 occupiers I thought, "What numbers do you have for the Tea Party?". I recall there being dispute about them. The thing about the Tea Party though is that subsequently there was an unusually large change in the midterm election. Remains to be seen what will happen after OWS.

I don't pity people with student loan debt (I view them as relatively privileged, it is those without college educations that have been hardest hit, most of these people could have entered into more renumerative fields), but Megan makes their demand ludicrous perhaps by taking it too much at face value. The government is reckless enough with money to guarantee student loan debt in the first place, I wouldn't be surprised if it was pushed into some debt modification even if it was 100% forgiveness.

Megan is right to cite the lost senate seat in Delaware (unusual case of an incumbent moderate Republican popular with a democratic leaning electorate), but Nate Silver found that Tea Party candidates actually tended to be fairly competent and electable.

I don't know if I'm spending more time talking about Megan because I'm more familiar with her and/or interested in what she's saying or if she's just talking a lot. But I'd like to give her some credit for coming up with an argument against her counter-intuitive but honorable sounding suggestion about admitting how bad the economy was and was likely to continue to be. The best thinkers should be imagining rebuttals as they formulate their own arguments.

Warren Harding was one of our best presidents. Promised a return to normalcy, and delivered. Beat one of the most severe recessions on record within a year. This guy also thinks he was also our first black president, but that's a stretch and you have to accept a strong version of the one-drop rule.

We'll have strong growth if the Fed decides to allow it. Right now it and the ECB are a disgrace.

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