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Old 06-26-2010, 01:15 AM
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Default Re: Changed Initials Edition (Mark Schmitt & Rich Lowry)

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
Sorry, missed this. I would like to think Brendan is smarter "than that". I could care less about who he chooses to be (or denies being) and have pretty much the same view you do concerning the subject you think I parody. However, I tire of his stalking...
It's "I couldn't care less... "

Not only don't I care, I could not care less. It's impossible for me to care less.

Sorry, I see this the way David Cross (who used to be funny) sees "literally."

So er, one of the things I can't stand, one of my pet peeves is people who misuse the word 'literally'. Fuckin', that drives me up the wall because when you misuse the word 'literally' you are using it in the exact opposite way it was intended. When you fuck that up you fuck it up so bad....it's not like a little goof....you completely fucking misuse it and you should stop using the word FOREVER until you fuckin' figure it out. And fuckin' sportscasters do that all the time, you know, like, "HE LITERALLY RIPPED HIS HEAD OFF ON THAT PLAY, OH MY!" And I'm like, what? No he didn't. Don't. You shouldn't be talking into a microphone and describing things to people. Don't do that.

"He literally grew wings and ascended to heaven where God blessed him with this godlike defensive blocking capability and he stayed in heaven for seven glorious days and nights dining with the Gods, and God turned a switch and stopped time here on Earth so that he may do so, and then sent him back to Earth and on to the field at the appropriate time and did the switch so we wouldn't know what happened and then-" well that's an exaggeration, but still...you know what I mean...

Just people...ah man...like, "dude man, I'll tell you the funniest story man. I was really fucked the other day and I was hanging out with Jeremy and we were both super fucked up. So we went back to Jeremy's apartment and split a bar of Xanex and he put on that viking hat, you know, that he won in Vegas, you know, and he started dancing around and, dude, it was so fuckin' funny, I mean, dude, I literally shit my pants!"

"Wow, man. What did you do?"
"Dude! I was laughing!"
"No, I mean what did you do with your pants?"
"What are you talkin about?"
"No, you said you literally shit your pants."
"Yeah it was fuckin funny!"
"No, I know, that's what I'm saying. What did you do with your shitty pants. That's what I'm asking."
"No, I didn't really shit my pants. I literally shit my pants."
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