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Old 06-22-2010, 05:10 AM
breadcrust breadcrust is offline
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Default Re: What shaped your philosophy?

Growing up watching my country conscript boys my age to die in what I viewed as an insane and corrupt war shaped my views on war in general and led me to embrace pacifism.
Does this mean that you won't call the cops if someone is trying to bash in your door? If not, then it's not pacifism. Getting somebody else to do the violence for you doesn't count.

What life experiences have you had that made you so committed to your views on IQ, race
All of them. Just read this. Our difference is that you'll swallow liberal bulls**t and I won't.

I regularly start discomfiting conversations with strangers. Why don't you explain "Draw Muhammad Day" to some Muslims and ask them what they think of it, what the proper response to it is. I have and the least extreme response I've gotten was that drawing Muhammad should be made illegal... in America.

and male supremacy
It's protective supremacy. I merely recognize how much our hideously liberal society is twisted to the wants of grim, clutching females.

If I get a chick pregnant and she doesn't want the baby, she can legally abort it regardless of my wants. If I get a chick pregnant and she does want the baby, she can get the state to force me to pay child support for it even if I don't want it. If a chick falsely accuses me of rape and then is shown to have lied, she will probably not suffer much beyond forced community service even though my life may be in tatters and a I could have done hard time. If I'm married to a chick who tires of me and then sleeps with my "best friend" and then demands a divorce, she will almost definitely get significant alimony and child support as well as having the state tilt towards single custody for her. None of this happened to me. I've seen it all happen to friends.

And women are on average significantly more liberal than men and there's nothing as appalling as a lib.
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