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Old 05-09-2008, 12:55 PM
lowellfield lowellfield is offline
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Default Ann's principled stand against comment censorship

She's a total hypocrite on the subject of comment censorship. I had a series of comments "expunged" from Ann's blog when I pointed out that she had just openly admitted that she didn't know anything about the NSA wiretapping case when she wrote her NYT op-ed criticizing Judge Taylor for her ruling against the government (titled, amazingly, "A Law Unto Herself").

Glenn Greenwald at the time wrote a post entitled "Ann Althouse: NY Times' Legal Expert on Case She Knows Nothing About" which pissed Ann off something fierce.

Time passed, then in a thread about two months ago, Ann offered up her reason for not writing more about the warrantless wiretapping (in her "capacity" as a law professor): Because she didn't have the time to do research on it! As a law professor, she wouldn't be able to opine on legal matters she hadn't studied carefully, she said.

When I pointed out that she had just totally validated Greenwald's criticism of her, she called me a "creep" acting in "bad faith" and she deleted all my comments in the thread and promised to delete all other comments going forward. So I stopped going there and trying to point out all the ways in which she sucks and is a deeply dishonest hack (who Bob nonetheless legitimizes by inviting her on the esteemed BH.tv), and I took her off my RSS reader, and as Charlie Rangel says I haven't had a bad day since.


Here is the link to the thread in which Ann inadvertently admits that Glenn Greenwald was right and she had no business writing an NYT op-ed about the Taylor decision. My comments (those that survived the deletion) are under the name "Doyle".

Ann's money quote at 7:31pm:

"On the FISA question, opining without spending at least a week studying the problem would be nothing more than vouching for the side I want to win. I consider that worse than nothing, so I didn't do it."

By 9:30pm she was very unhappy with me:

"Doyle, you are in bad faith. You have wasted my time. If you have something to say about me, you can say it on your own blog. I am deleting all your posts here and from now on. Go away and don't come back. You are troll [sic]. You are a rude little snot."

So if she has anything to say to Ms. Merritt involving her highminded opposition to blog censorship, keep this incident in mind. You'll just have to take my word for it that none of my comments involved any kind of profanity or tone that I hadn't used many times before on her blog. I just had very good proof that she's a complete intellectual fraud.

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