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Old 09-24-2009, 12:56 PM
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Default Re: New diavloggers we'd like to see

Originally Posted by Me&theboys View Post
My reply to you was directly relevant to your claim that culture is beneficial to women. I was challenging such a sweeping claim by asking you to explain it within the context of cultures that are so obviously not beneficial to women.

Originally Posted by Me&theboys View Post
1) You construe my claim that many cultures are not beneficial to women as equivalent to or containing the claim that no culture is better than a bad culture. I am making the former claim. Why do you think I must also be making the latter claim?
beneficial = "providing a benefit" (i hope this is pretty much a definition we can agree on - as at least being 90% o.k? - good enough to continue the discussion or do you have something different in mind when using this word?)

you say that some cultures (including nearly all cultures 100 years ago and many today - correct? ) are providing no benefits to women ( i.e. they are not beneficial)

I am saying that to make that kind of claim - you would need to believe that these women would be equally well off without their "culture" or "society" (i realize these words are slippery and this is where i would need you to try and understand rather than try to obfuscate the issue if we were to have a worthwhile conversation).

I am saying that this view is incorrect. These women are gaining many benefits even within misogynistic cultures (better food supplies, greater reproductive success etc.) Not as many benefits as some other groups perhaps, but benefits none the less. this is because our cultures are essentially a web of non-zero sum interactions and a "rising tide lifts all boats".

This does not mean that i think misogyny is ok. equality for women expands the web of non-zero sum interactions and is beneficial to everyone in the culture (on a macro level)
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