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Old 05-27-2011, 05:13 AM
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Default Replace public servants with machines

Ok not all of them, just some. Or even if you keep them all, still add the robots. I did a yearly ritual earlier yesterday morning in getting my car registered, along with a smog check. The place I got it tested was about 5 minutes away from the dmv. That was quick as I was the first in line. The DMV was not expected to be quick though.

I had carved out a 2-4 hour chunk in the day so that I would have enough time to slog through and wait behind masses of people, and you know what I found? The dmv was emptier than I had ever seen it. Still full of people, but much less than bursting at the seams. I talked to the guy at the counter about playing the registration, resigned to get a ticket and wait decades, and he pointed me towards a machine for automated registration renewal.

I tried it, scanned the renewal notice bar code, it pulled up my records, it had electronic records of current insurance along with the copy of a passed smog test I took about 15 minutes earlier. Payed the fee with a debit card, it printed out my registration card, with a sticker to place on my car.

All told less than 5 freaking minutes spent in the dmv, total.

Less time than doing the same thing at a AAA location.

That machine is soooooooooooooo much better than having the personnel there performing routine checks on a routine transaction. It makes you wonder why such a thing was not added sooner. I think it is what dented the dmv wait population, and it made my day so much more... free.

So if we can't replace many or all public servants, at least add the machines anyway. For many things, they are so much better. And even if it means there are a few less people manning the isles, it is a net gain for us all.
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