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Old 12-18-2009, 08:17 PM
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Default Re: How a giant battery may save the world (osmium & irw)

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
I am not afraid to admit I don't fully understand radio-transmission of power. I should become educated.
Sorry osmium, but wherever I seem to travel I bring with me the possibility of attack by a rather small "Fur Troll". He is not as so much interested in any type of enlightening discussion as he is with attempting to insult me. You see, he has never quite gotten over past embarrassments nor has he been able to reciprocate, so he thinks that a constant harrassment of me is the next best thing. I feel kind of bad because there was a time when he attempted almost adult-like posts and I seem to have affected him so deeply that he now pretty much just Trolls for Fur.

I had hoped when I saw he performed the public service of providing the link here that he was taking a step in the right direction and even finding some purpose in his life, but unfortunately it was just an aberration.

But maybe we can take his post and turn it into something positive. First, it IS positive that he speaks of needing to provide gifts for his nephew and not his own children...(if you know what I mean). Second he does bring up a concept that is rather interesting although radio transference of power is certainly not the most effective means of wireless power transfer. Third, it provides me a segue to talk about almost taking a job with a company that was looking at utilizing radio waves to transmit, not power, but data to remote computers traveling around cities (of course cell phones and internet made their attempts mute and the company disappear). Glad I did not take the job. Lastly, I can answer his question...why YES I can and do access the internet from off the grid via satellite...look up the company "Wild Blue"...my buddy subscribes. I can actually log into my PC at work from off the grid, 250 miles away, and subsequently support customers around the world from a log cabin near the Canadian border. Technology is amazing. With a generator (or an effective battery) I could probably do it from my tent. However, its only amenity is a wood stove.

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