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Old 11-01-2011, 08:12 PM
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Default Re: Values Added: Capitalism and Its Discontents (John McWhorter & Glenn Loury)

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
I have to say that I found this discussion to be disconcertingly chatty and superficial as regards OWS. It does not seem to me that it's terribly difficult to understand what the fundamental message of OWS is: "We are disenfranchised, `democracy' is not working, the economic system is not working."

People keep saying that OWS must work within the electoral system, but the electoral system is broken. The constitution is broken and outdated, and the electoral system is controlled by Wall Street and corporations and a reactionary Supreme Court. And roughly half of eligible voters almost never vote. As regards working within the existing political structure, there are basically two possibilities: a third party movement, or serious reform of the Democratic Party and its fundraising. I will give Glenn Loury credit for having foreseen during the 2008 presidential campaign that many Democrats might come to regret Obama's forsaking of the public campaign matching funds.

I do think that a concrete goal that could be stated and achieved would be to break up the biggest financial conglomerates. But this would be a long-term goal, it could take 10 to 20 years to achieve, during which time many very serious crises, particularly environmental ones, are likely to present themselves and to overwhelm concerns about financial concentration. A second goal could be to turn some substantial part of the military budget into permanent employment programs of the federal government devoted to physical infrastructure and education.

Both of these black "liberal" bhtv regulars had their careers advanced by the right-wing money train. These are not conventional liberals, by any stretch of the imagination. My sense is that they are complacent, while all the while protesting that they are not. No, the US is not in a revolutionary situation, and yes, it is unlikely that OWS will put the US in a revolutionary situation.
I'd like to second this post. I was especially put off by John's dismissive, snobbish tone. I can think of two more goals I'd like this movement (if it can be called a movement) to adopt: (1) push to have States create their own public bank and (2) reform the Federal Reserve by making it a truly PUBLIC bank.

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