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Old 12-14-2011, 03:34 PM
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Default Re: "These people are terrorists"

Originally Posted by opposable_crumbs View Post
How do you reach that question regarding English Jews. Like it or not the Brits in 1917 had an idea about a Palestinian people, separate from Egyptians or Saudis.
Yes. Syrians. They thought of them as Arabs first, and then if secondarily, as Syrians.

As to how I reach that conclusion the Balfour declaration is about European Jewry, not Arabs.

A few years later these people had passports with British Palestine stamped across them in gold letters, which would probably need renewing long before 1977 rolled around.
I suggest you read my reply to Wonderment. The "Palestinians" thought of themselves as Syrians. If at all.

He's making assurances that the people of that land are safe guarded. I think it's safe to say that they were acknowledged as a political reality, the same way talk about splitting Iraq into thirds would have viewed the Iraqi Kurdish population, despite there being Kurds elsewhere.
LOL The Balfour declaration is about a Jewish homeland that respects non-Jewish residents. It doesn't even specify about Muslims, let alone Arabs. For all the portion of the Declaration you posted could be talking about, he's referring to Greek Maronite priests. Are they Palestinians? He says "Palestinian" no where.

Look, you're in the weeds. This is about a people, not a land. South Tyrol is a geographic area in Europe that has been inhabited by Germans and Italians. There are no "Tyrol people". The Germans demanded the place when it was inhabited by Germans, now that it isn't, it doesn't. No declaration about "the inhabitants of South Tyrol" by Germany speaks to a national consciousness of Tyrol denizens. I specifically posted the request of Arab residents of Palestine at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, where they say they want to be part of Syria. They say this because the Arabs thought of "Palestine" as a Zionist ploy. And they were right. Because Palestine was Syrian.

If you want to really test whether Palestinians existed before 1948 investigate the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the relationship with the British, or look at how his critics today, use him against the Palestinians.
Eh? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is a Palestinian according to Palestinians. Present tense. Historically he was an Arab who considered Palestine to be part of a larger Arab polity, not a separate national entity.

You have just demonstrated that it was a political concept, a concept that the British were articulating to European Jewry.
And not about Arabs.

Some facts are more equal than others when it comes to presidential debates.
No. Facts are facts. This is a fact. We have seen some pretty odd arguments about why it is "wrong", and the fair minded reader is forced to conclude that it wasn't actually wrong. So then the fair minded reader might ask themselves what all the fuss is about, and on what other hysterical reaction might there be grains of truth that instigate it? And why truth creates such hysteria?

If you think Newt's could have made similar comments had about Israelis and not faced accusations of anti-semitism then your expectation of reality is different to mine.

I remember Helen Thomas was fired when she said Israelis should get out and go back home to Europe
Yes. She was fired for supporting the expulsion of Jews from Israel. Deservedly so.

, well according to some GOP candidates the 'invented people' have 'invented claims' and certainly no right to live in the land that they have been living in for centuries or at least as long as America has existed.
Not all invented people are created equal.
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