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Old 12-05-2008, 07:28 PM
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Default Re: Obama's Thinking on HRC for SOC...

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post
Or do you think that she sees this as a good way to cap her career? After all, there is potential for enormous success in that job; e.g., making real progress on the Israeli/Palestinian issue.
I've mostly just been riffing here on what's perhaps been going on in Barack's head in his doing the unthinkable, doing what for many of his young Lefty loyalists is surely appalling: Bringing on board the dreaded Clinton she-devil. (I of course completely disdain those HRC conspiracy-theory scenarios as ghosts of primary-era hysteria.)

Now, as for HRC herself, I think she genuinely does have the best of motivations, really does want to make a difference, really does feel she can do it better from the inside than from the outside, and really does feel that, if anybody can crowbar some of these intractable international disputes into shape, she is the one to do it.

HRC has real moxie, a can-do attitude, can deliver "an offer you can't refuse" with a charming smile, and doesn't mind playing royalty on the world stage at all. So she might be right: Maybe she (perhaps with a little extra help from Bill) really can make a difference on seemingly insoluable issues like Israel-Palestine and India-Kashmir.

But both HRC and Bill have to know they're both taking a huge gamble here. Barack could get really peeved at them a year or two down the line, could make them both look really tainted and evil, and so could effectively sideline them from developing the glowing legacy which they both want to create for themselves.

A quick flip side: Obama needs as many big-league power players working on his side as he can get. His only real issue would be whether or not he can keep them under control, playing out of his playbook. I think he's quite confident this won't be a problem and if things go sour, he can show H&B the door fairly easily.

So, yeah, a really fascinating drama unfolding as a big crew of impressive heavy-hitters decide they want to have a go at playing on the same team. Should be awesome to watch as, given the unprecedentedly freaky nature of US economic and international vulnerabilities, the fallout from failure could be catastrophic.

So far, I'm really impressed with the signs out of Obama. I think he ought to just keep doing what he's doing: pulling in the best and brightest, including the likes even of seemingly peripheral but potentially very useful figures like Bill Gates, Buffet, etc.

You couldn't come up with a more fascinating plot even writing your own story line. Movies will be made. My biggest freak-out scenario at this point is whether or not he's going to be taken down by a white-supremacist bullet.

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