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Old 02-07-2010, 03:51 PM
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Default Re: Mass amnesia.

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Why do I keep hearing that if the healthcare bill fails the Democrats will not have passed any meaningful legislation since Obama has been elected?
Who's saying that? I guess I've heard that from a small number of Democrats, but by and large that's an argument made by Republicans eager to discredit the president. Also, the truth value of the proposition has nothing to do with political commentary offered up by the chattering classes. If all you kept hearing was the earth is flat, that wouldn't make it so.

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Did we all forget about the 787 billion dollar stimulus?
I can't answer that question because I don't know who your "we" includes, but if your "we" includes me or most Democrats, then "no," we did not all forget about the stimulus. Most Democrats continue to talk about it and continue to defend it.

Originally Posted by Starwatcher162536 View Post
Can I use the fact that Democrats are not trumpeting the bill anymore, and are scared they will have nothing to show for their time if healthcare fails, as evidence that major flaws have been found in it or that it didn't have a meaningful impact on the economy
Most definitely not, because the premise is false. It's not a "fact" that Democrats are not trumpeting the bill anymore, and even if it were a fact, it would not prove (by a longshot) that "major flaws have been found in it." One possible explanation for the fact that there is less discussion these days might be that it happened a year ago. Another reason we hear less discussion of the stimulus from Democrats is because the stimulus has become politically toxic in an environment shaped by rightwing talking points, and despite its importance and benefits, there's little benefit in taking credit for it because the conservative media machine has successfully stigmitized it.

As it happens, I still don't accept the premise that Democrats aren't trumpeting it anymore, but, again, even if that were true, there are clearly other conclusions that could be drawn besides "major flaws have been found."

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