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Old 01-05-2012, 06:35 PM
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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
It's hard to start Discus commenting on threads which are already in progress due to lack of context. I'm sure people will get in the swing when they don't have the alternative venue. BTW, for the longest time I always viewed comments in the chronological order in which they appeared under the diavlog. As long as the commenter gives some context by quoting the person he is replying to, it works just fine.

simple minds.

The biggest headache/nightmare of Disqus occurs on large tech blog sites like engadget. Those articles often generate thousands of comments, and disqus 50 at a time thread page limitation along with its limited thread representation make it impossible or irritating to follow. I have often made some point only to have someone argue against it in such an idiotic way that I am compelled to respond. When the threads get very large that could often mean clicking through page after page to get to the one where my comment might be on, resorting to ctrl f to find my name in the hopes that I don't get too annoyed by the process to call off the entire thing.

That said, I don't expect multi thousand posts for bloggingheads, so that should not ever get that bad.

This should be an interesting experiment though. I wonder if comments will increase or decrease with the new system. The only direct comparison I can think of is the Harry McCraken + Farhad Manjoo pairings.

I believe their first pairing was under the standard forum commenting bloggingheads has. The following ones were under techheads with disqus. There should be a direct comparison in terms of numbers of comments with the same paring for more like/like comparisons.

We'll see if the larger ease of access to make comments that disqus brings outweighs the turnoff of an inferior commenting platform with its limited thread support. Can you imagine the shape of those old lyle bjkeefe responses now? no more diagonal, threads, only long, steep drops into the abyss...

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