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Old 11-24-2011, 12:49 AM
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Default Re: Values Added: The Whirligig of Time (Glenn Loury & Walter Russell Mead)

Originally Posted by ledocs View Post
I should make it clear that I have not read the Walt/Mearsheimer book.
The book is locally fine, though you can tell W&M are no experts, but globally misguided. America's primary interest in supporting Israel is imperialistic: Israel is the last Western colony and the Israeli lobby plays a marginal role. From what I can tell, though, Mead has no particular knowledge about the I/P conflict. In many ways, he seems utterly clueless. (The only thing that seems bother Mead about Bibi is his penchant for humiliating the US. If only Bibi showed respect, all would be well. That's the sort of cluelessness I am talking about.) I bet Loury is every bit as knowledgeable about Israel as Mead is. It's just that Mead has absorbed the CFR talking points and is good at regurgitating them.

Mead and Tom Friedman are quite similar. Both were promising smart young guys whose first books were not bad. But then they both sold out to be part of the club and in the process became some of the stupidest public voices in this country. While Friedman gave us the flat world in his quest to become the King of Glibness, Mead gave us the "Bad Science of Global Warming" crap and an obsessive defense of the Jews (as though the Jews need a big gentile oaf like Mead for protection).
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