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Old 09-02-2011, 11:30 AM
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Default Re: Booze and Money (Tim Fernholz & Megan McArdle)

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
In all fairness, I'm hyperbolizing. They got to talking about the question of whether or not Texas executed an innocent man, re: that guy who was convicted for arson. The argument came down to something about how a writer for the New Yorker might not be trusted by people from Texas. Kevin said he trusted the courts that the guy was guilty. Tim said "You have a lot of faith in government as long as it's on your side."
Yeah, that's more in line with what I remember. Tim's criticism is legitimate. However, I'm guessing that conservatives are willing to tolerate a little more injustice if it means swifter punishment. I don't know if that's Williamson's justification, but in fairness, liberals' insistence on perfect due process would also result in a different kind of tyranny by delaying the court process.

I read that New Yorker article, and it really made it sound like you should doubt forensic evidence having to do with arson. The writer asked an arson investigator from Texas (I think the one who had studied this case) what percentage of cases turned out to be arson, and he said all of them. It was quite unnerving.
It could certainly be true and depending on how important this particular issue is for voters, I'm sure they'll vote accordingly. I also read the long piece about the Koch brothers they had some months back and there was a specific conclusion that the writer wanted to lead the readers toward.

The amateur psychology you can play with people's political opinions is sometimes too seductive. Kevin was indeed saying all kinds of "less government" type things, until it came to the government doing something tough, like executing people. Then it was doing a good job.
It's a valid criticism.
The mixing of populations lowers the cost of being unusual.
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