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Old 09-01-2011, 11:11 PM
harkin harkin is offline
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Default Re: martyrs, martyrs, ... MARTYRS!!

Originally Posted by Hal Morris View Post
Ah, so it's one of those things for people with a bit of a martyr complex or maybe I should say martyr schtick who always imagine they're fighting the overwhelming forces of ignorant orthodoxy --
I've never bought in to the supposed qualities of martyrdom. They're usually celebrated by someone advocating policies with a history of failure and corruption. I guess however if you dangle the carrots of 70 underage virgins or immortality on revolutionary chic t-shirts, you may find a few takers among the less enlightened.

Originally Posted by Hal Morris View Post
Funny, that used to be a liberal vice/pose, but then the right has acquired all the vices of 60s "Underground newspaper" writers, without giving up any of their original vices in exchange.
You mean like giving up self-reliance? And don't sell liberals short, they still promote vice and posing at expert levels.

Originally Posted by myceelf
Whether the so-called cw was true or not, the 2010 elections and the debt ceiling talks would have done nothing to disprove it. Certainly, the tea partiers demonstrated truly historic levels of recklessness and irrationality. Whatever motivated that (racism or partisanship or just plain psychopathology), it certainly shouldn't have reassured anyone who was paying attention that they were behaving in good faith.
Here is a great example of the pockets of delusion that still inhabit the population. We have a president who has dawdled two and half years (two of those with his party in complete control of the Congress) and either ignored or exacerbated the problems of overspending, unemployment and corruption, who could not be bothered to interrupt his vacation but insisted that a joint session of congress was needed on the night of the Repub debates so Chairman Mulligan himself could once again showcase his ability to talk for over an hour and deliver zero substance (this time on the unemployment problem, the same problem he promised to work on with laser-like concentration last summer). When called out for his rudeness (on the speech timing), his excuse was that they hadn't considered the debate schedule and it was a complete coincidence. I'm not sure who should be ridiculed more, the administration that says it or the supporters who believe it (even some of the pundits on MSNBC tagged it for the BS it was). And this coming from a man who wants to deliver almost a tenth of the economy into the hands the statists who are currently bankrupting the country.......

I truly believe that the only reason Obama hasn't appointed a blue-ribbon commision to look into the problems of unemployment and a stagnated economy (with results and recommendations to be delivered after the 2012 election of course) is because nobody believes anything this guy says anymore and the glaring obviousness of the ploy would hurt his already cratering poll numbers. I even doubt most of the die-hard leftist idealogues believe him, but since they bought into the franchise in 2008 when he was just as vacuous, they really can't start complaining now, it would be too close to facing reality.

The current admin is the very essence of recklessness and irrationality. And yet the squeals from myceelf are directed at those who seek fiscal sanity, with the garnish that their motives are based in racism or craziness.........it's the only card they have left (they certainly can't counter with examples of his results) and even though it's been trumped repeatedly, they keep playing it.

Originally Posted by myceelf
I kind of assumed that harkin simply hated teenage vampires and hot Asian female spies. Not to mention Tyra Banks.
I have no idea what the connection is but since it's apparently a pop culture reference I hope you'll allow me to observe that Starwatcher's post title reminded me of Dave Seville......and hula hoops.
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