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Old 01-05-2012, 05:33 PM
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Default Re: Matt Yglesias: Creating Jobs by Cutting Wages

Originally Posted by miceelf View Post
Do you think all altruism, or most of it, is pathological?
Come on, man. Why have you been doing this lately? Can we not extrapolate to extremes? I provided a link and everything.

Altruism is good. It's the pathological part that makes it pathological. The book is important because it identifies what I've noticed for quite some time: the moral certainty and hatred that some people have on here. This is the same sort of rational thinking that allows someone to murder a doctor who performs abortions or firebomb a clinic.

This has nothing to do with ideology. You have to know that when eeeeeeeli was a more frequent commenter, I rarely if ever exchanged uncivil words with him and he was quite possibly the most socialist person on this board.

I'm not saying TS will go out and commit horrible acts. You need physical violence and intent to do so for it to qualify. Thoughts are not enough; words are not enough. But this type of thinking, this so called pathological altruism, is a necessary, not a sufficient. And that means you don't get horrible behavior if you don't have this type of thinking.

Because the left shares similar moral sensibilities, it might be difficult for a liberal to distinguish between altruistic and pathologically altruistic sentiments. After all, that's a subjective evaluation. This happens to people on the right as well, like in my abortion clinic example. I am not trying to score points here.

But one should take note that of the 6 factors for moral foundations, conservatives have all 6, as do virtually everyone else in the world. Liberals, by contrast, only have 4. See Haidt. So, that's where the bias creeps in. You can't see it if you don't have it.
The mixing of populations lowers the cost of being unusual.
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