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Old 02-18-2012, 04:30 AM
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Default Re: Another Victim?

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
Etta James died of cancer.
i know, but the road to her cancer was plagued with substance abuse, and the shame and blame for being a "user". i have known too many Etta James's and the climate in which they have suffered and died.

a short story:

in 1963 as a senior in high school, i had been playing in an african-american college band for three years because i couldn't play in the newly desegregated school band. on week-ends i played in an "r&b" band in small country towns. i also had been a "downbeat" magazine reader for 6 years( i was a jazz-man). substance abuse among musicians became very clear to me(i only smoked cigarettes( from boy scout camp(11 yrs old) until i was 29 yrs old)).

i had this german-american english teacher, who asked us to write a senior paper after consultation with her. she could hardly look at me, less known speak to me. so, i never got my consultation, and wrote about something that interested me, "The Use Of Drugs By Jazz Musicians".

well, one day she finally spoke to me, and asked me to come to her desk. at her desk she told me that she was giving me a passing grade, but she told me that she did not bother to read my paper, because the subject was not worthy of consideration.

this same patronizing and condescending(P&C) attitude has been the bane of my existence in working with various "junkie" friends. many have told me that they would rather die than to have to deal with this P&C bullshit. many hide in the shadows, until their health is severely compromised, and die of all sort of things.

i am biased, but i feel that many who want to help/save addicts are worse than the chemicals of the addiction. the human element is critical. the subject that i wrote about, and the people in these situations are beneath too many high and mighty people, imho. the body heals itself, we can only inhibit, or facilitate the process.

to all of my friends who have died because of this non-sense, R.I.P.

yeah, yeah, i know, but as Twain said "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics". too many people are lying, while others are dying. save your P&C empiricism crap for somebody else.

P.S. Hola Hairy!!!???
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