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Old 02-07-2012, 02:05 PM
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Default Re: can you identify

yeah, i recorded it, cause my sister was one of the wise-one commentators. central high was at 14th and park, and we lived at 8th and park. she went there in"59" and i went in "60".

strangely enough, in may 1957, as a six-grader at capitol hill elementary school(segregated), our class went to the state-capitol and viewed the legislators. then we were lead to the governor's office to meet the honorable Orval Faubus! he shook our hands, and was a nice enough guy?? he was probably working on his fall plan to continue segregation at central high.

i have noticed, that european-americans are quite civil, as long as they can have their way!

Daisy Bates was a friend of my family. but she is one of those colored people that i talk about so much. most of the leaders of the NAACP at the time were practically european(looking). my maternal-grandfather was african to the core. he always reminded me that daisy and her friends were always borrowing money from him, but would never socialize with him. every summer he wrote a column in the "State Press", daisy and LC's newspaper about his trips "seeing the USA in his chevrolet(1932)".i used to sell the paper and was a member of the NAACP youth group.

my fraternal-great-grandfather(who i knew) was quite european looking, leaving me with a golden brown complexion(colored and quite acceptable in african american society(well i don't have "good hair")).

Oh using the black/white template, why is Obama not a dark skinned white person??

the skin color of my mother and her father was black, and they are two of the most intelligent people that i have ever met( i am slightly biased). so if race is just a social construct, why do we keep using racial language in describing some cultural and ethnic groups. my neighbors are from mainland china, and i never call them yellow. my friend from whom i buy oranges and stone-fruit is mexican-american(and knows about as much about "R&B" as i do) is never called a brown man(i call him mestizo for the hell of it).

i realize that european/african-american is more print, but a little more typing is less important than losing the point about ethnicity and culture. we people of the world, are steeped in the racism of the global european(anglo-american) hegemony. i was watching aljazeera-english, the other day, and people in India, China, and Qatar were talking about black and white people, not african and european in the U.S. context(i never hear much about brown, red, yellow people).

perhaps fish are oblivious to water, and the world is steeped in empire, and everything is transparent to the user. the insidiousness of "1984 and A Brave New World" gives me pause(hmm,gives me pause?)!

as the great(self proclaimed) alto saxophonist Sonny Simmons once said after cursing-me-out:

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