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Old 12-15-2011, 05:49 PM
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Default Re: Will Bob be eating a bug?

Originally Posted by Aryeh View Post
I just wanted to update you all on the Bloggingheads donation drive.

We really appreciate everyone who gave money to the site. It means a lot that you were willing to support us financially. Thank you.

But, unfortunately(?), the donations did not reach $4,000, so Bob will not be forced to eat an insect. (And if you're kicking yourself for not donating and thus depriving the world of seeing Bob go through with it, don't worry, because it wasn't very close.)

Bugs aside, that's a shame, but I really do think more could be done to encourage donations. This was supposedly a "test," but it was announced in a podcast that probably only a relatively small number of people watch, which isn't visible in many of the places more casual viewers might come across it (not on iTunes, for example) and which specifically appeals to a very limited audience. The Donate button is hard to see -- it's not visible in the forum or when one is simply watching the diavlogs. And the donation "test" was announced at a time when current donations are not tax deductible, but donations will be in a month or so.

Assuming that it would be helpful to encourage people to donate going forward, I think there are minor steps that could be taken to make it more likely, and I hope TPTB are thinking about including them as a basically painless way to get even a little more money, as I definitely think this is a worthwhile venture that many people would love to contribute to.

I was over at Juan Cole's blog recently and he's doing a fundraising drive with a really visible plea for funds, a target and report of where the donations stand, and a gift for those who give at least $100. Basically the public TV/radio model. Something like that or -- even better -- encouraging subscriptions along with all the usual kinds of things that everyone from podcasts to symphonies do to encourage giving would seem possible and easy.
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