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Old 01-14-2012, 02:32 PM
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Default Re: Mitt Romney Hit Piece

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
OK. Since there's nothing else going on around here...I'll respond. You're right I do hate the American worker and the American economy. And please don't forget, I hate women, too. Who does that leave? Rich men!!!! That's who I really love so I post stuff on bhTV, hoping someday that one of those rich men will read my stuff about how I hate the American worker and seek me out by perhaps bribing Bob Wright to give them my email address. Then I'll be all set. Brilliant plan, eh?

Wow! the economy in five seconds! and it turns out you're right again. Those traders and flippers have almost accomplished their evil plot of transforming the country into a bunch of mindless drones for them. I sure hope they have good guns and fences because when people figure out what happened they might get sorta pissed.

Oh yeah, that's the ticket. Economic sustainability...sounds good. What is it?
Welcome back badhat! That was sarcasm, huh?
I was hoping for a response, if you've been reading my posts lately you'd know I point the finger at everyone for the economy, but I figured the far left view, now ironically deployed by the anti-mitt (priceless), was my best shot.
You missed an excellent opportunity to call BS on me.
Plain language: I was pulling your leg 'cause you tend to assume everyone who argues with you is a lefty anti-capitalist.

Economic sustainability is, however, actually very interesting, and it involves private entities, that are focused on steady profits, and realistic growth goals not usually driven by the public trading of stocks, and short term gains for the private jet set. Not that I really blame them (the romneys) or hate them, because everyone went to sleep and left the cookie jar right out in the open. While I screamed bloody murder about this (during the 80s and 90's, gave up during the reign of bush), my bourgeois co-workers stared at me as if I had bugs crawling out of my ears.
There is an emerging trend toward cooperatively run companies, employee owned companies, and just plain sustainable capitalist run companies, because it's now down to our survival as a country. I won't mention the Union run companies so as not to raise any partisan hackles.

The next paragraph contains my personal attempt at optimism:
The traders and flippers, while lining their pockets, have actually left the door open for competition, because when they merge and absorb various entities, and "streamline" what's left of them, customer service, product support, and product quality, and productivity usually suffer (and as the "hit piece" showed, some of them just plain disappear). As the economy spirals downward these things, will become more important, and consumers will be more inclined to shy away from the more cheap unsupported and disposable products because they cost more in the long run.

Pessimistic disclaimer: Could be too late though.

Off topic, let's start a pool as to how long before we stick a fork in Vbulletin.
I saw tons of posters wander through last night, with little or no activity.
Welcome to my ghost town everybody!

1 week
2 weeks

Added: Everyone knows your married. But there are better sites for meeting millionaires. Let me know if you need links.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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