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Old 07-26-2008, 08:10 PM
Andrya6 Andrya6 is offline
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Default Re: Strategies of Orcish Containment

I’d have to agree that Jim Pinkerton is the conservative whom it is impossible to loathe.

I think both Bob and Jim missed a very important difference between Islam in Europe and the US: in the US, Muslim women are empowered. I teach part time in a community college with a large Muslim population- and my female Muslim students have high hopes for themselves, expect to control their life plans, and are invariably preparing for professional careers. They are always among my highest-achieving students. (I’ll also say that my Muslim students are loyal to the US, an attitude that co-exists with intense awareness of social injustice.)

As far as I can tell, many European countries are allowing female Muslims to be isolated, minimally educated, kept in basically a peasant culture, and deprived of their civil rights and social power. I believe that any society- of any religion- in which women have no social power is going to be much more violent and confrontational than one in which women have a voice. (I think that conclusion is well-grounded in evolutionary psychology.) If you want Muslims- or any other human group- to eschew violence, empower that group’s women!

For this reason, I don’t think there that the US is facing the kind of home-grown terrorism that has occurred in Spain and the UK.

Incidentally, this phenomenon of “immigrants keeping females in peasant conditions” is not my any means exclusive to Muslims. I grew up in San Francisco in the 1950s, and there was a problem of immigrant Chinese families (who in those days were mostly peasants from southeast China) pulling their daughters out of school to work in a family business. Educating females was seen as a waste. (Of course, middle class and educated Chinese-American families had exactly the opposite perspective.)

As an aside, my mother, a very religious rabid lefty in her eighties, has told me that when she read LOTR it gave her a burning desire to be a missionary to the orcs!
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