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Old 05-19-2011, 05:13 PM
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Default Re: Mike Malloy calls for Navy SEALS to execute George Bush

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
seems uncontroversially true to me.
Whether it's true or not is beside the point. The phrase "summary execution" carries the suggestion of a criminal act: summary = done without a trial or other legal proceedings. The fact that Malloy referred to bin Laden's killing as a summary execution suggests that he thinks it was some kind of barbaric criminal act.

Of course, not everyone knows what "summary" means in this context; some people just think it sounds neat. So not everyone who uses the phrase is doing so to convey their disapproval of the killing. But given Malloy's politics, I'd bet he condemns the killing, and that his point in making the comparison to Bush was not to advocate Bush's murder, but to make people think about what it would be like if other countries practiced the kind of frontier justice that they think the US practiced in Pakistan.

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
it was a summary execution.
Again, it depends on what you mean by "summary execution." If the police shoot you in the back seat of a squad car or in an interrogation room, that's a summary execution. If US troops kill enemies on the battlefield, that's not what is generally described as a summary execution*, because there's no presumption that enemy soldiers are entitled to due process in court.

* Although there is nothing stopping people who don't care about precision in language from using the term as a synonym for "killing."

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
I still think it was the best course of action available.

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
no need to whitewash it to make ourselves feel better about it
I hope you don't think I was white washing anything. I was explaining why I thought Malloy probably wasn't threatening Bush, but was, rather, probably expressing his outrage at the killing of bin Laden. It's worth noting that ~3 people in this forum used the exact same analogy as Malloy did (suggesting that if it was okay for SEALs to kill bin Laden, it would be okay for our enemies to kill our leaders in similar operations), and all of them did so to express their opposition to the operation that killed bin Laden.

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
sometimes all the choices just kind of suck.
True. But this wasn't one of them.
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