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Old 12-06-2010, 01:18 PM
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Default Re: Helen Thomas: 'Jews control teh world!'

Originally Posted by chiwhisoxx View Post
Getting back to the broader topic, since the thread got a little bit off track. In terms of whether Thomas is an anti-semite, that doesn't seem like a debate we're equipped to adjudicate. My issue comes from the framing. It seems like the problematic thing here is that she frames the people who run the government as zionists first, rather than people who do other things, and happen to be zionists. I think when you make it seem like zionism is so incredibly central to their worldview, it feeds a darker narrative about Jews controlling things that has been around for too long. Liberals (correctly in some cases) say conservatives are obtuse and insensitive to matters of racism. I think there are cases when liberals are obtuse and insensitive about anti-semitism sometimes. That doesn't mean that they're anti-semites, anymore than all conservatives are racists, but it's part of a mindset and has to do with frames of mind. Curious to hear what you all think of this.
For the record, I think this is a sensible way of putting it and generally agree, although I don't really see much of interest in what Helen Thomas says (for the reasons set forth by Wonderment). If I did have an interest in Thomas, I'd say that I do find her comments quite offensive.

Going back to the original point, though, I do wonder about the purpose of the thread or what is implication is intended. I kind of doubt it's just about Helen Thomas.
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