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Old 11-21-2009, 06:01 PM
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Default Re: Bob

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
I will "bet" that he felt wrongly persecuted by a biased admin and that same admin is trying to get him to promise to something that "rules" no one else here and he is balking based on principle and admin is unheeding because she lacks it.
We're only guessing right? I think you're projecting (no offense).

Kidneystones has an internet history that precedes him... he seems to live for extremes: in suggesting grand conspiracies, extensive deletion of posts (to rewrite history? ) and in our case, forcing bhtv's hand. You're a good example of the futility of the "guidelines." Anyone who wishes to remain in the forum can easily accommodate the guidelines or temper any negative inclinations that might invite banning. The "theory" that he needs to meet stricter rules than the rest of us, may feed your victim mentality, but isn't plausible. He's just not that important to the continued well being of bhtv. I'm sure it would carry on without either of us as well.

What's left for you without your victim status or conspiracy theory? Your postings are not gonna' make the cut my friend, as a means of letting this fantasy go. Our mutual friend Handle has offered you the best solution:
Grow up, give respect to get it and consider opposing ideas as a challenge and not as a launching pad for your reflexive belittling, taunts and shameless self regard - we can read the biased links you provide as easily as you.

Deaf ears... open! Odds... slim... based on my experience, at least.
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