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Old 11-17-2009, 12:22 PM
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Default Re: Daily Show vs. Death Panels

Originally Posted by graz View Post
Thanks for the incisive critique.
Nothing gets by you.
Originally Posted by graz View Post
Continuing to refer to yourself in the third person is becoming.
Oh come on graz, admit it, you have been singing that in your head since you read it. "All you need is fur, fur...fur is all you need". ;o)
Originally Posted by graz View Post
That is some tasty word salad!
I hope you chewed the arugula long enough to extract all the vitamins it contained.
Originally Posted by graz View Post
You haven't disputed a thing. Your obstructionism was relayed from Hewitt. Your typing skills are not in question.
Maybe you missed my response to Bong in the other thread calling your attempt at deception concerning where the Medicare savings was coming from a "fraud". Pretty sure I cannot dispute it more than that. I think 1% is what was just quoted in this video. Nice try though.
Originally Posted by graz View Post
There have been no shortage of venues for her propaganda... paid shill(ing), etc... Stewart simply gave her the chance to be flustered by her own words.
Go watch your video again, I realize some of it was attempts at wit by Stewart, he was seldom successful...he was more successful in looking more like someone who didn't really want to hear what his guest had to say and was more interested in hearing himself talk and call her opinion hyperbole.
Originally Posted by graz View Post
You ought to feel a kinship with her in that regard. And as you hold no opinions that aren't sent from talking points central, who are you shilling for exactly?
Well, handle....err graz, I used to pull down a million+ a year from Haliburton just for posting on blogs like this but I have moved on and now work for United Healthcare systems, Baxter Scientific, and I receive donations from the vast majority of doctors in this country (oh and a little retainer from the RNC).
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