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Old 11-03-2011, 06:04 PM
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Default Huffington Post ignoramus attacks Charlie Hebdo

For some reason, HP decided to let a person named Romina Ruiz-Goiriena write a piece about the recent fire-bombing of Charlie Hebdho. A select sample of her greatest hits:

Every spread of the 14-page newspaper insults Islam. [sic] making jokes about sodomy, the niqab and even scolds the idea that the rise of modern Islamic governments in newly liberated Libya and Tunisia can be democratic.

Regardless of the fact that authorities have not provided any more details, the event has already provoked public outcry.

Whose fault is that? Naturally, the magazine's!

It did not matter that the publication fetishized over the different ways to wear the controversial veil,

Oh no! Advocating that women walk around in tents is not "demeaning, disrespectful", but making fun of bee keepers' suits is not only demeaning and disrespectful, but also racist. Yes, you are racist against bees. And tents.

Let's also look at the context in which this woman is posting this intellectual garbage: she's voicing dismay over the fact that a fire-bombing was interpreted as an attack on free speech, and that IT DID NOT MATTER that (see the above).

mocked Muhammad's penis in a cartoon

Oh no!

and scoffed at the recently elected Ennahda party in Tunisia.

Now that's unforgivable. Make fun of Islamists? What a racist thing to do.

No, this was not demeaning, disrespectful or racist. This, by Charlie Hebdo's definition, was satire: the kind that everyone had to accept as part of the French tradition.

Of course not. And the greatest one of all:

What it should have been doing was pushing the conversation forward to confront the seemingly dormant but rampant institutional bigotry. After all, is that not the point of having a free press tradition in the first place?

Of course, what other point could there be to having a free press tradition?


I took a look at one of her other articles, where I saw the rather astonishing claim that the "Huguenot" Henry of Navarre single-handedly ended the French Wars of Religion in 1598 with the Edict of Nantes. First of all, he had converted to Catholicism by then, and secondly, the war ended in 1598 because he defeated the duke of Mercoeur, not because of the Edict of Nantes. How seriously should one take her excretions, when she is not even aware of her own damn history?

Lo and behold, the "intellectual elite" of the left (my apologies to the reasonable leftists on this board). They're too "sophisticated" to care about the facts - why not just run your mouth instead? If this does not show the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of apologists for the religion of peace, then nothing can.
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