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Old 11-07-2011, 03:17 PM
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Default Re: Values Added: Let's Talk Pizza (Adam Serwer & Katherine Mangu-Ward)

I'm quite sympathetic to a guest worker program and other proposals that would increase legal immigration (and even to continuing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigrant worker as a second best approach), but both Katherine and Andrew seem to misunderstand a some key facts:

1. Herman Cain's electrified fence. Is there any evidence he wanted to kill those going over the fence? There are electrified fences within the US that protect private property and they don't kill trespassers. Why would this be any different. I had assumed the negative response in the media to Cain's proposal was that it was silly (expensive and not effective) not that he wanted to kill people.

2. Obama deportation numbers. The numbers look greater for Obama that they really are because this administration is including those who leave voluntarily. This seems clearly political, but in any event, these numbers are not as bad (or good) as they seem. See http://www.examiner.com/law-enforcem...gers-lawmakers

3. Mitt Romney employing illegals. I don't think Mitt didn't want to hire illegals, because he wanted to "pander." It is true he had not substantive reason not to hire them, but I took his main reason to be that he did not want the fact used against him as a candidate. That is an honest and unobjectionable response. The objectionable part is his attempting to use the issue against Rick Perry.

4. "Illegals." There are at least two unmentioned reasons why this formulation of "illegal immigrant/alien" has obtained currency: (a) it is easier to say and write than "illegal immigrant" (see my text in 3 above); and (b) it is a response to the anti-enforcement crowd's use of the term "Undocumented immigrant" implying that that only issue is that someone forgot a document, not that they have violated the law.

One last point not discussed, could it be that the reason Texas has had higher than average job growth is the easier access to Mexican immigrant labor in Texas? Imagine, labor supply might actually have something to do with jobs growth! See http://www.caseymulligan.blogspot.com/
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