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Old 04-14-2011, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: Imagine a Perfectly Spherical Senior...

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
It seems telling that you make that accusation while simultaneously repeating Libertarian catechism without a hint of irony. Markets efficiencies aren't always the best mechanism for producing optimal outcomes. Prior to Medicare how many seniors had adequate medical coverage? How much has the median age at which Americans who have seen their sixty-fifth birthday die changed since 1964?
That's a straw man. We are comparing the Ryan Plan with the ACA, not Medicare with non Medicare. I don't think you understand irony, the reasoning is simple "competitive markets can respond to participant preferences in myriad ways that any one-size fits all program can't." What are your arguments against that proposition?

Originally Posted by AemJeff View Post
I have a constellation of chronic health problems including diabetes and heart disease. I'm uninsurable on the open market. Fifteen thousand dollars wouldn't help me get proper health care now, let alone after I've retired. What proportion of folks over sixty-five do you think don't have significant, treatable chronic health issues? How does that proportion change as you look at people at increasing ages? Market-based insurance is not, I say again, a viable model for providing health care to seniors. The incentives aren't structured such that it can work.
Not true. If insurers are required not to discriminate to take any voucher money. Because everyone is already participating in Medicare and Medicaid you don't have the adverse selection problems you have in in the existing claims made ad hoc health insurance market.
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