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Old 04-09-2011, 01:38 PM
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Default Re: Character evidence

Originally Posted by operative View Post
Better luck next time.

You apparently have no problem with it. So tell me, should we be discriminating against Indian Americans, or should we let the best students in regardless of their ethnicity?

They reflect an ability to comprehend college-level material. And yes, they are valid, just as GRE tests are valid. But I suppose that a mathematics department should accept someone with a C average and a 500 on the GRE-Q, since tests are so bad.

Tests measure aptitude, not whether you're a "hard-worker", "early bloomer," "self starter" or whatever other terms you wish to use. One either possesses the ability to comprehend college level material or one does not. It does not magically sprout from nowhere. I was actually a fairly lackluster high school student, but I did fairly well on my SAT scores. That indicated to universities that I could handle the material. I achieved close to a 4.0. People who finished ahead of me but scored substantially lower on the SAT either never graduated from college or went to a very second-rate university for students who should take up basket weaving.

Except that with government meddling, universities have the incentive to lower the standards so that poor students can slouch by for up to four years and possibly graduate with a lousy GPA. If you really think that it's survival of the fittest then I'd invite you to check out a large public university (we won't even bother with the many nonentity schools). People like the "Asians in the library" girl are quite common.

We turn down many qualified students because they happen to be of the wrong ethnicity, to reward people for being part of groups that simply don't pull their own weight (whites and blacks). That's wrong to me. But maybe it isn't to you.
Stop putting words in my mouth, you do yourself a disservice. You say you are against the government helping with tuition, and then you complain about the unfairness of how it is implemented, and then you rant about the quality of the students going down hill.

You conflate three different issues, and anecdotally imply that the elimination of government programs altogether would somehow level the playing field, and improve the status quo.

Rants don't make arguments, but if it will make you feel better, you win.
Just bear in mind that changing a good thing is often a whole lot more productive than destroying it simply because there might be issues.

While we are speaking anecdotally, right out of HS, I could ace any test you could throw at me, and I'm no genius, nor was I a good student, or even a hard worker. I was just good at retaining information and regurgitating it on tests.

Now maybe you could split this discussion into even more divergent areas of concern? If thats what you think furthers you cause, then fine. But I'm am of the opinion that it has the opposite effect.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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