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Old 08-17-2011, 03:04 PM
brucds brucds is offline
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Default Re: This Cutting Edge (John McWhorter & Glenn Loury)

I find it hard to believe that McWhorter characterized the commenters at that Walter Russell Mead blog post "not idiots" - they were, in fact, the "spectrum" of almost stereotypical white racism joined to relatively articulate (as in not many misspellings, and several footnotes) Tea Party know-nothingism, nonsense about Obama's "socialism", warnings about our going the way of Zimbabwe, etc. If the bulk of the commenters there "aren't idiots", how low to I have to stoop to hear the rants of authentic idiots? IMHO it's not only the strange noises gurgling just above the gutter - Mead's post itself gives the game away: "Obamageddon!"

That comments section is like a 99-cent buffet of all the backward, half-baked, ill-informed, racist and resentment driven crap that infects today's pathologically moronic and pitifully infantile right-wing. Even the "mainstream" of the GOP is no longer a "conservative." It's a populist gaggle, hooked on noise, moving more and more to the extremism of an openly radical right. Ben Bernanke is getting threatened with a beating by phonies like the God 'n Guns Guv because the GOPer peanut gallery demands the scent of real blood on the street in this dark night of "Obamageddon!"

I live in a largely black, lower-income neighborhood, and I can assure you that black youth are the least of my fears. It's the folks who offer rationalizations for our local kids' lack of opportunities and who want to strip society down to some Randian "winners take all" scenario (where, as one absurd example, Clinton-era tax rates are "socialism" or "theft" and school teachers are admonished as villains) who threaten my community.
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