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Old 12-25-2011, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: Holy Crap! Andrew Sullivan endorses Ron Paul

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
How would Congress not craft a signature Presidential initiative?
By not crafting it? Usually a President proposes a measure, and friends in Congress offer the bill as is. Then, it gets changed through the process or simply defeated. Do you find this a controversial opinion of how legislation usually works?

Congress writes the laws and passes them. If the President were to write a full bill himself, he would still have to give it to some Congressmen and ask nicely for them to pass what he wrote, and in practice they would amend or completely rewrite the legislation as it worked through the committee system. What you're describing isn't some weird decision on Obama's part; it's the structure of American government spelled out in the Constitution.
As you describe the phenomenon I speak about, your conclusion becomes a bit disingenous. The President gets a bill to Congress, and he doesn't need to "ask nicely", people are happy to do it as loyal partisans. The rest is HIS level of involvement in crafting legislation by lobbying for votes along with House and Senate leadership. He flatters. He promises campaign visits. He promises to funnel spending in certain ways left to the discretion of cabinet offices.

Alternately, he threatens. He threatens to work hard for his party in swing districts against moderate Republicans. He threatens wavering Democrats by promising NOT to campaign for them in swing districts, not to raise money for them, or to DENY them funds from cabinet positions. In this way, a President defends his legislation from either defeat or disfigurement by committee.

Or atleast, that is how other Presidents do things. That is how Reagan did things in the teeth of a Democratic Congress, its how Clinton did things in the face of a GOP Congress. This President, in the face of a Democratic Congress, apparently found the process of leadership tedious and had Nancy Pelosi do it.

How Obama's decision to let like-minded Congressmen write the law instead of unconstitutionally doing it himself is a talking point against him is beyond me.
No, I think the way I frame the critique above is pretty clear. I think that you know I'm right, too, which is why you seem to be mudding up a pretty clear matter.
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