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Stupid pointless flame wars Flame wars from diavlog threads are dumped here.
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All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

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Old 02-26-2011, 02:32 AM
I'm SO awesome!
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Default from Edelstein & Gibney

as a movie snob i feel most of the movies this year were cliche garbage. that fact that these two can even stand watching this stuff is frightening to me. Natalie Portman? why don't we just invite roger ebert on. Here are some movies that are actually good that have come out in the past years: Assassination of Jesse James, Bright Star, Rachel getting Married, There Will Be blood, City of God, a couple Kate Winslet movies, etc. Documentaries would include Fog of War, Lion in the House and way too many others to list.
the fact that people are entertained, in any way, by The Fighter, Black Swan, etc. is totally pathetic. I could be a better movie reviewer than most paid movie reviewers but I'd get fired for refusing to watch all of this garbage that producers coerce their peers to vote for. Money rules the industry so 99% of the time you get a homogenized piece of "entertainment" with all of the "right" actors starring that will bring in money. If i'm unfortunate enough to see the "best picture" it's almost inevitably one in which you're too aware you're watching a movie the entire time and, if you think about it, is not actually realistic at all and will contain all the typical movie script cliches.
The documentary section of an awards show is pretty much totally obsolete as I can watch better quality stuff on completely random youtube channels, news stations, hulu, cable channels, etc. I saw a Dateline about rural Ohio that was easily 10 times better than any "major" docs out now. most people probably see 30 or 40 hour long investigative video pieces a year that are better than those nominated without even realizing how good they are. God, even the vbs Liberia piece was better and they barely have a script.
pardon me, but this is like listening to two people decide if they like Metallica or Green Day better.
even the "authentic" people in hollywood are now sellouts making trash like The Social Network because most people have poor judgment or are pressured to dilute their work per the investors. It's exactly what is happening in music with each generation getting progressively less talented. You had people being influenced by Bob dylan and writing slightly worse but pretty good music. Now you have a generation of people who are so insanely stupid they actually think Eminem qualifies as talent.
You could title this: "which vacuous, homogenized, cliche block of completely unrealistic acting was the least bad?"

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